What is Natural?

Dear Kinkers,

The word natural is certainly becoming cliche nowaday’s especially because its used so frequently in so many different areas. We go to the grocery store and we see all-natural lemonade. We go to the beauty supply store and we see all-natural hair products. I mean natural is practically ubiquitous and is even used in false advertising to give a product of lackluster quality more appeal. 

However, in the natural hair care community, it is a construct of both physical and literal connotations. For natural women, this means no relaxers, and perhaps no straightening or dying depending upon how far one expands their definition of naturalism. I think it would also be fair to assume that many women who decide to go natural do so because they are tired of the chemicals and want to regain hair health but for some, it eventually becomes a journey of deeper revelations and discoveries. 

Personally, I am discovering that naturalism is a lifestyle. Yes, naturalism is doing your best to eat a balanced diet, exercise, and keep stress levels to a minimum. On the other hand, naturalism means staying true to who you are, loving every part of your being, and going after the things in life which you are passionate about. For naturals, it is not just a hairstyle, fad, or trend. Naturalism is our soul.

Yours Truly,



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